Eastern Montana Plant Pathology

5 years of research in the MonDak Research Triangle

Pathology Research

Sugar Beets


Rhizoctonia Crown and Root Rot


Fusarium Head Blight

Cereal Nursery

We’re Hiring!

We are looking for a detail-oriented individual to assist with applied field plot research. Benefits of the job include:

  • Working outdoors
  • Collaborating with farmers
  • Opportunities to improve skills
  • Inexpensive on-site family housing

Current Research Updates


  • 2020 Virtual Field Days Video
    The year 2020 could only be described as getting used to the new normal every day and learning to accommodate collaboration virtually. Community outreach was done virtually and this video is the talk about soil microbes, crop pathology, and soilsContinue reading “2020 Virtual Field Days Video”
  • Pathogens in Eastern Montana
    Pathogens collected in the field.
  • Introducing the lab
    Our team collects samples around Eastern Montana. We bring samples into the lab for identification. We make fungal corn spawn that is applied to field plot. Field Plot Maintenance Planting, Harvesting, Fungicide Application, Weeding, Inoculum Application